Q. What is the FOA?

A. The FOA was chartered to approve schools offering training and provide certifications as a service to the fiber optic industry. The FOA programs are developed and maintained by experts in the fiber optic business, most of whom have over 20 years of experience as technicians, installers, manufacturers and teachers of fiber optics. 

Q. Why is certification so important?

A. In today's high tech world, certification is considered proof of professional status and is often required for jobs. 

Q. What is certification?

A. Certification means you have achieved certain performance criteria set by the certifying organization, usually knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs), either through training or experience. Certifications attest to your KSAs, and their value is the recognition of those KSAs to customers, coworkers and employers.

Q. Why choose Brierwood?
A. We believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience. We make every subject easy to understand. We use hands on learning techniques. 
We offer the best training available.

Our FOA Certified Instructors will provide you with:
Individualized training.
An enjoyable learning environment.
Easy to understand explanations of even the most complex theories.

Brierwood has been voted number one eight years in a row                                    
Best Technical Training
Best Customer Satisfaction
Best Fiber Optic Training Technique 
Best Fiber Optic Training Value

Our class size is kept small, providing our clients with personalized hands on instruction.

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